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At present, in order to stay on top Google is rapidly changing its algorithms just to satisfying the motive of bringing more refined search results to its users, but still after these huge changes sometime users find themselves struggling hard for their desired search results.
This article will elaborate the following points briefly:
• What actually search operators are?
• How to use them?
• What are the benefits of using them
• Combining two search operators together to narrow down search results effectively

Search operators are basically keywords with predefined syntax. Their purpose is to confer flexibility as well as desired results to the user. Apart from that combining these search operators may bring more narrowed results to the user.
Have a look at some examples of these search operators to understand more briefly
• Site:


This operator reverts with the results only based on the desired website for example. If you use this operator with “” it will only show pages of Facebook indexed by Google in this particular case it is 1,79,00,00,000.
Also, if you will click on images while using this keyword, it will show Images uploaded on the particular website and the same happens with News.

Note: This operator does not bring any unindexed page to the user.

Another usage of “Site” operator is it helps in searching particular thing from a specific website following example will elaborate it bit more.

Example:- is a smart phone forum website and if I want to search for a thread related to “Samsung galaxy note 3 slow charge problem” from whole website this is how it would take place


• inurl:

inurl: restricts all the search results, but websites containing a desired keyword or phrase. In this case we want blogs on horse care so we used “inurl:” to get the required results. In the prefix you need to add your {“desired keyword” inurl: blog}. This operator can also be used to find articles, forums, and guest posts. Instead of adding “blog” after the operator add “article” for instance.

This search operator is quite useful when you are looking forward to download any type of file with specific extension. For example, if I want to download harry potter chamber of secrets in .pdf extension I would type harry potter chamber of secrets filetype: pdf in Google search box.

This operator brings results with a specific user desired phrase in the website, for example, if I want to know about horse tail bandage process I will search something like this.

This operator searches for this particular phrase in the websites and then let the Google bots to list them according to their algorithms.

Negative Operator
Negative operators are used if you want to exclude a domain or a search term from your search results you can utilize this operator as follows:-

Example:- I want to search for SEO in Sydney but do not want local seo services in my results this is how it would happen.

This is normal search where in the 4th result I can see “local seo”

These are after utilization of negative search operator result

Note: Inverted commas are used around the desired need to be excluded phrase because we wanted to make it specific.

Combining Two Operators
Combining two operators brings more refined search and narrows the results for users to a great extent. Have a glimpse at this example.

site: + inurl:

This brings more meaning to the search results.
For more combinations and operators you can go through SEO Book Lab’s list of Google Search Operators

Bonus: Google Alerts
This feature focuses link builders specifically. Think about it how good that would be if Google informs you that the page on which you have taken link has been crawled or your newly created blog post has been crawled & indexed.

There is actually a service available online for this process known as Google Alerts with the help of it you can have notification related to your desired page index in through your Email.

However, we cannot guarantee that this service is 100% on time; multiple times we have experienced delays in notification and in some cases no notification. So you cannot fully rely on this service, but still most of the time it works flawlessly.

Advantages of using operators
These operators bring great benefits if watched carefully through SEO prospective
 Particular websites related to various subjects can be found without much hesitation such as articles, blogs, and Guest posts.
 An individual can look for cached web pages
 Images related to one website can be found in one place
 Files with different extensions can be found easily such as pdf, excel, word.
That’s it for this article, we hope this article has served its purpose and you can expect us to bring more for you

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