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Pay Per Click model has been designed for people who don’t like guessing. It is for people who need some measurable yet flexible way of getting their business found. The Google AdWords is based on the sole idea of helping businesses grow by connecting them with customers. And to make sure that you are investing in the right domain you need some strong insights. In this model of internet marketing, you only need to pay a fee when your ad is clicked by someone. It has been one of the most successful ways of buying visits to your website.

At SEO Book Lab, we have been helping our clients with their pay per click plans effectively, while using our experience and skills. We understand how important it is for a business to invest in the most relevant paid search. This needs a combination of perfect targeting and reviewing.

A Tailored Strategy

It is very important to have a fool-proof strategy while investing in PPC. We create a well-defined strategy for you which is based on various factors and speculations ranging from the study of your competitors to market research. The journey from a search to that click which will bring the user to your website, needs to be designed in such a manner that it brings maximum profit while ensuring that every click is relevant.

The power of words

It is rightly said, that words can make a huge difference, not only in personal lives but also in the digital market. While they can be used to bring out the absolute best, if not used properly they can also become the reason for loss. That is why we find out the most effective as well as appropriate keywords for your business which will not let any your spending go waste.

The first line

With the recent changes made in the length of an Ad Copy, it is crucial to use distinct sentences in the first line. If you are not using the attention grabber, you will lose customers in spite of the larger investments. Also, with the advent of smartphones, we make sure that your campaign is moving forward with the strongest copy and the ad looks perfect even on the small screens. These mobile preferred ads are better at engaging their audience and are thrice as good when compared to the ones from past decade.

Why to use extensions?

Ad extensions provide that extra piece of information that your ad needs. Each business might have a different kind of ad extension as per its nature and requirements. We will not only help you finalize the ideal ad extensions for your business but will also make sure that we get all the fruits that we could not capture otherwise. Ranging from location or image to ratings or communication, we have dealt with all of them and we know which one is best for your business. The ability to populate your number in the user’s phone just with a click can be very useful if your business requires your customers to call you.

Need for review

One can only improve when he learns the scope of improvement. That is why we have two separate models that work in parallel to execute the performance review of your PPC campaign. The first model is based on day and time. It identifies the time during which your business will find maximum audience as well as conversions. The second model is based on location and helps in targeting as per the recent trends. This helps us in better scheduling of your ads and adjustment of the bids to get a better return on investment. We will help you with your marketing metrics by providing you daily campaign reports which are clear as well as easily accessible. Having an upper hand on your digital performance will allow us to refine and expand the campaign accordingly.

Free Website Appraisal

What services are you intrested ?

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Research of your competition
  • Designing strategy and tactics
  • Generating suitable keywords
  • Keyword Mining
  • Pro Found Campaign Reports
  • Identifying Targets
  • Creating Ad Copy
  • Splitting Ad groups
  • Refining landing page
  • Creative Testing
  • Mobile Targeted Strategy
  • Sanity check of marketing campaign
  • Research of your competition
  • Ad Copy Extensions
  • Optimization of bids
  • Analysis of click path
  • Equity weighting
  • Google Shopping