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Mobile Marketing

Mobile SEO marketing is all about optimizing your website so that it could perform well on Smartphones and Tablets. The process of making your website mobile friendly involves making your website automatically transform its structure, design and content appearance when opened on different screen sizes. This helps you in targeting mobile web surfing audience apart from computer webs surfers moreover Google have also stated that it would be considered as giant plus point if a website is mobile user friendly so there is no reason left to say NO to mobile SEO.

Mobile SEO marketing is introducing a revolutionary change in digital marketing sphere. Smartphone are now being used by tremendous amount of people for Internet surfing & searches, messaging, accessing social media channels to name a few. Reason behind is mobilephones are transportable and easy accessible. Web 3.0 is changing, in near future mobile and tablet web browsing will surpass laptop and desktop web browsing. Following image illustrates how hand held devices are out numbering other internet accessible devices.

With these latest statistics it is obligatory to consider mobile SEO marketing for your website.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Marketing on the platform of smartphones is a really effective way of promoting business as present generation literally considers mobile phones as a part of their body. Mobile phone marketing strategy includes promotional messages, e-mails, app advertisements, local search results enhancements as such.

What is Mobile SEO Optimization?

There is not much difference in between general website SEO and mobile SEO, here basically we lay down our focus on making website change its structure, content appearance and design according to different internet accessible devices. At SEO Book Lab, our team strives hard to make your website appear user friendly and responsive on different hand held devices. It is all about attracting mobile users as well.

Here challenges we face while optimizing a website according to mobile devices are:

  • Increasing the load speed without compromising the content
  • Adjusting the images and content within the small screen
  • Website must be user friendly and smooth in working

Overcoming these challenges is not a child’s play that is why our in house team of web developers, designers, SEO analysts and content writers work together to deliver transcendence in our work.

Reasons for Mobile Site Optimization

  • 79% of smartphone owners turns into “smartphone shoppers”.
  • 90% of smartphone shoppers use their phones for numerous searches known as pre-shopping activities.
  • 84% of smartphone users use their devices to assist themselves to shop while present in a store.
  • Visitors who use mobile more, buy more.

Our Mobile SEO Marketing Services Includes

  • Online mobile marketing which further includes: SMS, email, app advertisements or text messaging.
  • Development and creation of fast mobile sites.
  • Responsive Web Design.
  • SEO for your Website.

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