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On page optimization does not only rewards with website ranking but also offers numerous business benefits as well and in this article we will cover those additional aspects that are incorporated with on-page elements such as title, meta description and url tags.

Most of the search engines including Google bolds the terms, keywords that a user is looking for in the title and description on search engine results page Just to take user assistance to another level. So try to enhance your title and description as much as possible use keywords, but do not stuff them. With this bolding aspect you can achieve high click through rates.

It is true that first word of the title gets much more consideration by Googlebot and some of the SEO analysts try to take the advantage of this aspect by including their brand name first in the title followed by keywords, this may work in a case if the brand name is widely popular in the market such as Moz, Search engine land, etc. but in other cases where the brand name is not so popular putting the keywords at the first place will always put you on the positive side as the search engine will recognize the website with the first word of title.

Placing a brand name prior to the keywords does not provide any positive signal to the rankings but may increase click through rates for example if a user is looking for “link building techniques” and two of the following results appear on top of SERP

“Best Link Building Techniques | Example.com”
“MOZ | Link Building practices”

In both of above title the user will click on MOZ despite of the fact that the first link is an exact match of his/her search but still the brand name will take over the first link’s click through rate.
So decide the brand name, position in the title according to its market presence and credibility.

Title Tag
Most of the time title of the page is stuffed with keywords only which confuses their visitors what the page is actually about and this is how it affects click through rate. In the essence be representative about the page despite of stuffing the page with keywords. Give the user a title, this is good enough to reflect page description with relevant keywords.
For example, if you are creating a new page about social media marketing, then despite of stuffing the title with synonyms simply follows the below approach

Social Media Marketing Tactics | SEOBookLab
Be exact about the page and try to perform inside the web page. This way you will also be able to use your page title as anchor text while building links.

Sometimes web forums turn a URL into the hyper link which indicates a sign to use keywords in the title so that these URLs may work like anchor text as well. For example

A URL like www.example.com/poduct/51235055 this url is not user friendly and also cannot be used as an anchor text, but on the other hand, this url www.example.com/poduct/adidas-sports-sneakers will work like a charm in the sphere of conveying meaningful anchor text and representing webpage.

Every on page aspect either big or small deserves an equal amount of consideration no matter what your needs and desires are from your website all of them can only be achieved if your website is fully optimized according to digital marketing guidelines.

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