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With the advent of technology more and more people are moving towards online shopping and abandoning traditional shopping ways which is affecting online businesses a lot. Now every business owner wants his/her website to be well optimized which further more makes it difficult for digital marketing experts to deliver the excellence and this is where we step in the SEO Book Lab we believe in transcendence.

Our in-house team of eCommerce experts works hard & smart to achieve your desired results according to our statistical information if you are not getting income from generic search then your website lacks in following areas.

Very Less or No content

80% of eCommerce websites suffer from panda algorithmic penalty as these websites consists of numerous product pages without or very little content about the listed products which makes it difficult for Google to find out what these pages are about.

Duplicate Content

There are lots of business owners who share same business nature, so copy/paste the description of product & services is quite common to ease the work, but on the other hand it affects the website’s good will and increases the chances of penalization to a greater extent. Google never lets those pages to rank well, which contains duplicate content and this gives a change to your competitors to steal your potential customers.

Panda Penalties

Most of the time when our clients come to us with this problem they are already in a very bad situation and we are proud to say that we have successfully recovered numerous websites by putting our expertise into action. There are lots of reasons to panda penalties duplicate title/description, thin content, unnatural optimization to name a few.

Unnatural or Spam Links

If you ever have had services of a non professional SEO Agencies then you might get hit with penguin penalty. Let us elaborate what actually spam or unnatural links are, these backlinks basically target your keywords on which you desire to rank well, for example, 1st: if you own a business of coffee shop all of your backlinks might be consist of exact match anchor text “coffee shop” which triggers penguin algorithm penalty on your website or violating Google recommended guidelines. 2nd: Also building links without giving any importance to the relevancy which is Google now a first priority measuring the quality of links from high authoritative sources.

Slow Website Speed

Magento is a great CMS for eCommerce website and works very efficiently, but lacks in speed which increases the loading time of a website. We strive to optimize your website so well, so that you could enjoy the benefits of magento without compromising the speed factor.

Domain Lacks in Authority

What you need besides optimized website to gain domain authority? Relevant, natural, high quality inbound links and we help you in achieving that with the spark of perfection. Our specialists study your industry and come up with the content that not only interacts with users but also builds brands.

What We Do and How We Do It ?

In-Depth Deep Analyzation

At the initial stage we deeply evaluate your online web store and find out the spheres that are in need to be rectified or updated, moreover we craft a list of pages that are suffering from panda penalties due to keywords stuffing or other potential reasons. We are capable of creating content for the websites that do not have any or very less content.

Put into Picture

Now at this phase, we implement our whole analyzation and planning actions on your website. Our in-house team of content writers finds, research and generate adequate content that sounds applicable on your social media channels in order to create your sparking presence apart from that we search relevant resources from which we could generate quality inbound links also we do consider paid media for guarantee backlink. This is just a part of our work, but provides assured improvement.

Result Evaluation

At this point we keep an eye on following factors

  • Your website’s visitor’s behavior
  • Decrease bounce rate
  • Build domain authority
  • Maintaining organic ranking as well as traffic
  • Your list itemp

We consider each and every part quite seriously where there is a chance of improvement.

Sustain Results

At SEO Book Lab work never ends even after achieving our goals, we work smart & hard to maintain the level of your online store. We make sure your visitors always have a reason to visit again. Want to know more about our work methodologies and services we offer, feel free to contact us at

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