Keywords Grouping – Why a Necessity

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Keywords grouping are the most necessary, yet the most ignored digital marketing activity. Grouping of keywords brings forward multiple benefits to your SEO strategy.

At the initial level when you start to optimize a webpage, you will need to finalize desired keywords and phrases for example, you have taken a specific keyword as a target now you have two options, either update the existing page according to the keyword or create a complete new page for it.

At the initial level of grouping your keywords take the pages into your consideration with the related themes as they will provide you the freedom of grouping keywords and target them on relative pages. Have a glimpse of the following keywords that you might have finalized for your website.
“Buy a new Hyundai sedan specs”
“Hyundai sedan specs”
“Hyundai sedan review”
“Toyota corolla review”
“Toyota corolla specs”

Not let’s say you already have a web page based on “Buying a Hyundai sedan” so it is quite clear what pages are left to be created to take the keywords optimization to the next level.

Existing Pages
• SEO is always about smarter working and here in this sphere it implies the same, just for the sake of the cleanliness of your website, consider re-optimising existing pages and before updating existing pages just to optimise new keywords ask yourself following questions.
• Does the content of existing pages can assist the user, is it relevant with the targeted keywords, If no you may require to update the content or create the new page.
• If the page that you are about to update attracting lots of traffic already then give it a second thought as you defiantly do not want to lose the visitors you are getting.
• If the traffic you are having on a specific page is high quality then check the bounce rate, you might not be getting an effective conversion rate and in that case optimisation of the page may become a necessity.

Always try and find a meaningful reason to create a new page or optimize an existing page as both of the actions may affect the working, hierarchy and the cleanliness of the website

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