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Terms of Use

Modifications and Changes

We do possess every right to change or modify following written terms and conditions whenever necessary. We will try to intimate you about these changes, but it falls under your responsibility to keep yourself updated with our terms of use before subscribing to our services.

Adequate Information

At the time of service subscription and website usage, we expect relevant, correct information from your side. If in case we find information provided by you is misleading, spam, untrue, we may discontinue your service subscription or your access to our website.


We collect relevant information from you just to enhance the user’s experience. We will not share your personal information with any third party websites and authorities until there is an illegal activity involved.

Illegitimate Activities

We are strictly against any illegal activity that takes place on our website or through the medium of our website apart from that we cannot be held against it. If we found you ever committing illegal activity, then we have the right to terminate your subscription, inform the legal authorities and ban you from using our website.

You do not have any right to utilize our content, images, brand name or media on any other website or platform. Our content is copyrighted and violation of this act is punishable.

Data Backup

We always strive hard to secure your data, but we cannot guarantee due to obvious causes natural disaster, system failure, accidents to name a few. So we suggest you to take a backup of your data just in case.


No firewall in the world can assure 100% security, but still at SEOBookLab we have installed 3 layers of secured walls in order to eliminate theft, hacking and data leakage. If in any case inappropriate action happens related to security you we cannot be held responsible. You can also inform us related to any issue you suspect and we will take further action from there.

Service Termination

You do have right to unsubscribe our services whenever you may please. We have the right to ban you from website access, terminate your subscription in any case of dispute.

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