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Search Engine Optimization

SEOBookLab has got a long history of success; ranging from getting a top rank for our client websites, to providing state of the art solutions while optimizing the results to the best. We create streamlined strategies for each and every step. When we create content, we don’t just push the keywords into it. We understand your business first and then provide the most suitable package which is specifically designed as per your needs. We know that you don’t just need a good ranking but also want to create a good online as well as offline reputation. This is where the popular social media marketing comes in. During the course of the last few years we have excelled in the field of social media, as we had hit the bull’s eye when we started helping our clients through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even YouTube. We created trust and credibility by delivering true and adequate provisions which were perfectly targeted towards the right kind of market. On this page you will find a list of services that we provide at SEOBookLab and why they are important for your business.

Why SEO? If you have not yet made up your mind to include SEO strategy in your marketing plans, have a look at the facts and you will learn that it is not only a good option but rather a necessary requirement for your business. More than 90% of online experiences begin through search engines. With 89% of search market share, no wonder Google has got a 10 Billion US dollars worth of ad revenue. It also provides the lowest cost per click (CPC) rates starting from 0.21 Pounds.

Why strategy is important?

As mentioned above, having a well planned strategy has always helped us in getting the best results while being confident about our methods. This confidence did not come with trial and error or simply experimenting with different ways. It rather came with thorough research and learning of the proven techniques. And though a lot has changed in terms of search engine ranking algorithms, our well analyzed procedures have helped us maintain the ranks and popularity. When we start working for your business, we also analyze the success and failure of your competitors and find out the reasons behind each of the outcomes.

Keyword Strategy

Our keyword strategy is not just based on the most lucrative search terms but also on the untapped potential that we find out for our clients. Our examination does not end after finding the right keywords, it continues through the review and calculation phase where we track the user activity right from his first search till the actual purchase or acceptance of call to action.

Link Strategy

As for the link strategy, we create natural links for you by first learning the scope and expandability of your business. We have maintained strict guidelines when it comes to relevance and cleanliness. We can help you grow both from the ground zero as well as from the middle. Our team of experts can quickly identify the areas which need improvement. We base all our action items on our in-depth analysis which is part of the SEO audit service.

Content Strategy

We have always believed in the user first and algorithm second approach. We help you create sites that your visitors will simply fall in love with. Each and every piece of content is scrutinized before being put in front of your audience. Our team has developed interactive websites which not only give a seamless user experience but also give you an extra edge over your competitors. While doing so we ensure that your websites are easily accessible over devices of all sizes ranging from desktops to smart phones.

Our Capabilities at its Finest

We are a team of highly trained digital marketing experts, quality content crafters as well as proficient website developers motivated and devoted towards our work. SEOBookLab not only believes in providing optimum search engine optimization services, but also making good client relations. Every now and then you will find us working together with our clients strictly adding their needs into our primary motive list.

Have a glimpse of our capabilities:-

  • Innovative Website Architecture Design
  • Decreased Loading Time
  • Internal linking
  • Heading Tags
  • Introducing alt tags to images
  • URL naming convention
  • Content
  • Natural mentions
  • Innovative content marketing
  • Technical SEO Methodologies
  • Well Researched Title & Meta Description
  • Responsive Design
  • Non-keyword Rich domain
  • Interactive Blog
  • Interactive Blog
  • Strategic Social Media Optimization
  • Skilled links acquisition
  • Linkable assets

SEO Consultancy

Introducing a revolutionary change in the sphere of SEO, our consulting team is ready to serve you with best effective solutions for your critical or complex problems. Our highly strategic approach which always relies in the nature of our work helps us overcome the daily barriers and achieve the desired results. You might be in need of someone to start from scratch or review & continue the work which has been left by your previous analyst, either be the case we would be honored to help you.

Keyword & Market Research

In-depth market research and well researched keywords would help Google bots to crawl your websites easily. Moreover, we will provide you an analysis report. This will help you identify the strength and weaknesses. Both the desired keywords as well as the researched keywords will be listed elaborating new possibilities in your business sphere.

Onsite SEO

We will analyze and experience each and every aspect of your website. In this process, your website design, response time, content, title & description, tags, robots.txt, internal linking and many other things are verified. After taking all above aspects into consideration adequate changes get introduced to your website in order to optimize, improve and modernize it.

Content Marketing

Your website’s content is most important for interacting with your visitors and introducing them with your products & services. That is why our team of content writers and developers keep a keen eye on the current market status related to your business. This allows us to make sure that your website always appears at its finest. We have already helped many clients in advertising their brand amongst popular blogs and media channels.


Even having most pluperfect content on the website sometimes won’t make your brand name and website prominent, that is why we introduce adequate marketing techniques so that people would know about you and spread your message further.

Link Building

Very often link building doesn’t get as much attention as it requires, but SEOBookLab understands the importance of every aspect that falls under SEO. We take it as our primary motive to get the follow links for high authority domains on desired keywords.

link building we consider outreach prospect, guest posting, communities, articles, directories, local citations, social sharing, blogs, competitors’ backlinks profile analysis etc.

Infographics & Interactive Content

Our highly skilled content developers & graphic designers work hard with the SEO analysts in order to create optimum quality infographics as well as interactive content for your website. This helps in attracting the users and makes them spend more time on your landing page.

Social Media Promotion

Social media platforms are very powerful in terms of spreading the word about your website and services. Eliminating all negative aspects of traditional promotional methodologies, these platforms are highly powerful and cost effective in nature. Audience from every nook & corner of the world would be able to connect with you and give references about what they desire.

Penalty Recovery

Looking forward to recover your website from Google panda, penguin algorithmic penalties? Our white hat SEO link builders will audit as well as review your backlinks, we will make sure you have highly relevant & quality backlinks, passing link juice to your domain. Apart from this, we will also balance the follow and no follow links. This is because both of these links play a vital roles in creating a legit image in the eyes of Google.

Reporting & Analysis

Throughout the whole process, we stay in touch with you by giving monthly report related to the work done.

Whatever be your requirements and needs, we would be obliged to step forward and say YES; because we can take it from wherever you want us to.

Most of the website owners find themselves confused when it comes for selecting a reliable digital marketing firm. This happens because they don’t have the facts with them. They don’t know how well optimized their current website is. This is why we offer SEO Health check services with which you would be able to get all the current statistics related to your site.

  • In depth Keyword Research Review
  • Paramount Technical Review
  • Duplicate Content Check
  • Usability Review (Design & infrastructure)
  • Content Quality Review
  • SEO Accessibility Review
  • Backlinks Audits
  • Full Site Speed Optimization
  • Best SEO Practices

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