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Conversion Rate Optimization

Have you ever thought about conversion rate optimization, its benefits and moreover have you ever considered implementing the same on your website.

To understand how vital this sphere is let us ask few questions:-

  • Are you not getting best out of your website traffic?
  • Are your visitors abandoning your shopping cart?
  • Is your path from landing page to shopping cart is unclear?
  • Your content is not able to encourage the visitor to buy your product & services?

If the answer is positive to above questions then you are losing lots of $$$ on daily basis and to rectify the problem you are in need of professionals, let us elaborate what actually conversion rate is. A conversion rate is basically a specific action that your website’s visitor steps on from landing page these actions can be further breakdown into following but not limited to

  • Buy a Product or Take a Service
  • Download the Media
  • Opt-in
  • Register
  • Make a phone call
  • Click to Chat
  • Refer a friend

Boosting Your Conversion Rate

Just attracting visitors towards your website does not guarantee an increase in sales. It is mandatory to boost your conversion rate by making these visitors buying your product & services, the more visitors who buy the higher the sale bar would go and higher the trust website is gaining, this is what conversion rate optimization can do for your business.

Now the story doesn’t end here, it takes lots of effort, expertise and optimization for converting a normal user into a potential customer.

How We Do It

At the initial level, we listen to you and your needs, whether you desire to increase your sales, increase in account registrations, rise in the amount of sign-ups for newsletters or get clients from contact us page. We believe every client is different and that is why we approach them with the strategy that suits their needs best.

After that we analyze your web site with the best of our expertise and knowledge and see how many visitors are visiting your website on a daily basis. We also perform a few tests through Google Analytics, Heatmaps, A/B testing and usability testing and find out where the user stayed the most and where the least, this is how we find the flaws in content as well as design and finalize the changes. Some of the main issues we lay down our focus while testing:

  • Landing page must be well optimized
  • Content should be fresh, relevant and catchy
  • It is important not to break the visitor’s interest from landing page to payment page
  • Including unnecessary advertisements or extra steps could kill the game
  • The path from landing page to shopping cart should be easy and simple
  • Different kinds of payment modes must be elaborated briefly
  • Payment methods must ensure security

Conversion Rate Optimization Services We Offer

  • Effective Landing Page Optimization
  • Heatmap and Click Tracking
  • A Complete Web Page Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Multivariate Testing
  • Split URL Testing
  • Ecommerce Conversion Optimization

Our work speaks for us so step forward and experience how professionals work, for any related query please contact us at

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