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Google Penalty Recovery

Every now and then Google introduces modifications in the back end algorithms and putting enormous efforts together to eliminate actions of spammers. On February 2011 Google introduced Panda Algorithm and on April 24, 2012 Google took another huge step to diminish spam tactics by launching penguin 1.0

With this strong step taken into consideration by Google, websites that were poorly optimized or website owners who were ill-informed end up with their sites penalized and left to collect the pieces. Google never informs the owner about the exact reason of penalization you will need to contact an expert to get to the depth of it and this is where we step in.

SEO Book Lab is proud of its proven track record of Google Penalty Recovery. Most of the time when we meet our clients they are already in pretty bad shape and we have worked for promiscuous clients & not only recovered their site but also made the website overtake previous performance.

In majority SEO analysts fail to seek and perceive the actual reason behind penalization. Working to recover the website even without knowing the actual cause behind the problem might introduce more harm to the website. We work hard & smart to know & remove Google penalties from your website.

Our Evaluation Strategy:-

In the past couple of years Google has taken negative actions on the websites that might have followed search engine manipulative tactics in their past. 30% of the working methodologies that used to work a few years ago are totally ineffective these days in-fact, these working methods poses a threat to the website’s ranking factor. Prospective of a user plays a vital role while optimizing a website.

Penguin Evaluation

When a website falls under the doubt of Penguin Penalty we go through:-

  • In-depth review of your complete inbound link profile
  • Evaluate free links, paid links and other spam sources
  • If in case we found spam links we approach to remove them on your behalf
  • We create, manage and keep details of these removed links
  • In a case where we are not able to get spam links removed we form a ‘disavow’ report Informing Google toignore to ignore those links
  • We keep lifting the affect of irrelevant links until the penalty is lifted.

Panda Scrutinize

If your website is facing ranking loss due to on-site issues such as thin content, copied content, we examine following aspects to make your website it in-lined with Google Panda Algorithm regulations so that penalty could be removed and you could climb back up in rankings.

  • Evaluate & assess all pages in the basis of their content, design & responsiveness
  • Find errors like long loading time, disturbed structure, Mistaken disavows
  • Re-Create & design vital pages
  • Remove or exclude low quality pages

If your website is tolerating Google penalty and the profound impact can be seen on the your revenue, then SEOBookLab can help, book your consultation today with SEOBooklab and we will measure your website on a greater extent.

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