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In this article we will talk about Google search results apart from that you can expect us to break down few effective Google searching techniques for business owners for their appearance on mighty 1st page. Every now and then Google updates its interface and algorithms just to introduce more refined and quality search experience to the users. Now the pervious Google interface has been replaced with the new modernized yet innovative design. Presently, if you will search something on Google you will find these search options

What these search options mean? Let us break it down briefly in front of you.

These options are known as blended search results and read below to understand it briefly.

Web:- Web usually responds with a list of websites that are most relevant according to searching & sorting algorithm of Google. Results in Google web vary with your keywords for example, if you search for “Apple Logo” results would come up like as shown in pictorial representation.

As you can see in the image Googlebot responded to my search term with apple devices that I could buy at competitive prices, but on the other hand, if I will put “Apple logo” in the search box it responded me with images of the apple logo as shown in the picture.

How did that happen? It happened because <humming bird> of algorithm which tries to know what actually user is looking for, unlike traditional search results.

News: This search option brings latest current events going on related to your search term, for example, if I will put “apple” in the search box it will update me with present-day apple & products company events. As shown in the image all of these results are a few hours old and they rapidly get replaced by new update that is why search results in the news keep changing rapidly unlike web. Moreover, these results mostly carry press releases, videos and articles, you will not encounter services, products and official websites here.

This search is for people who do not want to go through any official websites or buy products they just intend to know extant news updates on desired search.

Images:- After clicking this option you can expect Google to provide images only related to your search term. This search option is quite interesting it tries its best to catch and show potential user intentions for searching. Let’s take this image for example

In this picture Google tried its best to show me every possible image related to the term “apple” I could be looking for an apple (fruit) or apple iPhone or even an apple tree everything is available here all I need to do is click.

Videos:- In this search option user encounters a list of video results gathered from numerous video websites stacked from most relevant to least relevant to his/her search term.

Maps:- As the name represents, this option brings location of the place you are looking for based on your area of search. For example, as I have searched apple in the search box now Google map is showing me available routes to the apple store and the number of available apple stores in my city.

More:- In the more option there you will find Books, Flights and Apps and these options works just like their name suggests

Books:- You can find books written by different authors with their cover pages.

Flights:- The user can look for different flight details by filling your desired arrival and destination place, date and class.

Apps:- As the IOS and Android platforms are booming, there are thousands of apps are available out there on numerous devices. This feature shows a list of downloadable apps according to your search term.

Search tools are basically used to narrow down your search results and they vary with every option you choose, for example in web you will find it available with different rational choices and so do in images, videos as well.

Some techniques for small business owners

– Now if you own a small business it would be beneficial for a local business owner to register with Google local business listing as it gives a kind of intimation to Google that your business exists in this part of the world and you will see your website listed as

This not only helps you gathering business from local market but also builds your reputation in the eyes of Google.

– For eCommerce business owners & founders can list their business at Google Merchant and enjoy the benefits of listing such as

These small efforts related to your website make a giant difference in the eyes of Google. While considering search engine marketing for your website divide your focus in between the user’s prospective and Google. Even Google says the work done for your potential customer would be greatly appreciated.

For any queries or feedback, please feel free to comment below, we are working to bring further informative articles.

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