Webmaster Support

The World Wide Web is just as complex as a spider’s web pattern. It is quite impossible to utilize the power of internet without adequate knowledge, tools and expertise. It is mandatory to understand that long term reward requires way much consideration than short term forfeiture.

Think about it, how good that situation would be if your organization could just lay down their focus on driving efforts towards predefined success without worrying about technical glitches.

Let us introduce you to our newest service “Webmaster Support”
If IT issues, background bugs or glitches are becoming a barrier in your way of daily working and you are not able to figure out how to overcome them, then this is where we step in as a one stop solution.


Services Falls under Web Master

            Latest Updates to the current version of CMS further Plugins
            Bug-Fixes to site issues such as crashes, response time, glitches etc.
            Mandatory addition to already given content/copy
            Upload and addition of media like images or videos
            Creation of web pages and posts

What You Will Get With Web Master Service ?

            Multiple hours of friendly support with dedicated email just for your complaints and requests
            Assured feedback to the problem within 24 hours or less
            Effective and long lasting solution to the problem

– In every 30 days you will notified by invoice containing time spent on support so that you could have it in your knowledge what you have been charged for.